About SBY Frozen Food Supply Pte Ltd


Experience matters. Established since 1947, SBY Frozen Food Supply Pte Ltd, has been supplying meat products to the various food establishment, hotels, and caterers in Singapore.


Trustworthiness plays an intrigued part in our longevity in this industry, hence, we pride our service rendered through all these years with high-quality meat, competitive pricing, and prompt reliable service.


With full factory Halal Certification from MUIS and state of the art cutting facilities, we can cater to any special request. Our team of professional butchers and dedicated marketing team are able to provide cost saving solutions to your retail and catering requirements.


Regardless of which halal meat such as chicken, beef, lamb or mutton, slicing, cubing or mincing, since 1947, our customers wouldn’t go wrong in choosing SBY Frozen Meat Supply Pte Ltd as their supplier for quality meat products.  


We have developed a wide range of frozen products for the consumer. The product such as Satay sticks, Satay Goreng (Pan Fry Satay), Paru Rebus (Boiled Beef Lung) is just some of the products we developed.


Satay | Singapore | Sby Frozen Food Supply Pte Ltd

Just some of the list of clientele we supplied.

“Satay was very nice..Thanks for the good food and service.”

-Ms Shareenah Banu

Full factory Halal Certification

“Hi! The satay was delicious! We enjoyed the mutton, chicken and babat satay very much.   We could really taste the satay marinate with the spices well mixed inside. The gravy was just nice - not too watery or clumpy. Really nice!.”

- Salina, Woodlands

“Hi Opah, thank you for your Satay ! My colleagues said that the beef and chicken satay was yummy  . Tks for giving me extra rice n the onion too!.”

– Helen,  Changi North


-Sharmin, NIE


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