Cooking in a few hours time? Already have a recipe in your head? Prepared your ingredients? Head over to the fridge and took out that meat? What..? Meat is not soft!? Hm… How do you get it soft then?

Hang on there. We have a few solutions that can probably help you with that problem. Don’t panic! We’re here to provide some useful tips that can be done within 30 minutes! This article includes all natural ways and use of ingredients to have that perfect tender meat ready to be served for your guests. Read it all here.


Fruits? You may ask what do fruits have to do with soften up your meat? Well, we found out some fruits can be useful and helpful for your cooking preparations. Most fruits that can help with meat tenderization have their own enzyme found in their cells that helps to break through the veins of the meat. Let’s find out which fruits qualify as a meat tenderizer.

Pineapple is known for its enzyme acid that can help cooks in the kitchen to tenderize their meat in a natural way. It also provides health benefits such as prevention against digestions and cancer, colds and coughs, stress reduction and also arthritis.

Pineapple helps best to tender mutton hence, if your cooking recipe involves mutton or it needs to be pan-fried, we found out this is one of the ways you can consider to help you with that hard meat. Get your fresh pineapple from your fridge and grate it well. Apply the grated pineapple to the mutton and let it be for about 45 minutes. Afterward, wash it up with water and clean it dry and there you have it, a tenderized mutton meat ready to be cooked.

The next fruit that can help to tender meat is not uncommon and could be your very own favorite fruit during your daily lives. Let’s have a guess shall we? It is yellow in color and is a monkey’s favorite food. If your guess is banana, then you’re right!